Welcome to Old Iron Press

We are a new female-led independent press based in Indianapolis, IN. At OIP, we champion irreverent underdogs, the handbuilt, and the hybrid. We love disobedient forms and books that risk something, are stylistically surprising, and embrace a philosophy of in-between.

Existing apart from traditional publishing with an entirely different set of values, we are focused on originality over sales. Every book we publish will be treated as a future classic and designed to be a cherished object.

On May 1, 2022 we are launching OIP with a call for submissions for our inaugural anthology, “Playing Authors.” Inspired by the vintage game of Authors, originally published in 1861, we are asking what it means to be an author—and an Author. The original game consisted of sets of playing cards pictured with the works and visage of a well-known author of the time.

Authors. Leicester: Russell Press, Inc., 1935
Authors. Leicester: Russell Press, Inc., 1935

At the heart of OIP is a desire to find new possibilities in established classics and literary modes. How can new ideas and experimentation replace the monument, portraiture, and hegemony of the examples once handed to us? How can we play more? We are excited to read how you might experiment with and interrogate the concept of Author.

For more information, visit our submission guidelines. Selected contributors will receive one free contributor copy and an honorarium.

General submissions open on September 1, 2022.

At Old Iron Press:

  1. Genre is our favorite five-letter word.
  2. We have a fondness for novellas and novelettes innovating the form.
  3. We delight in collaborative writing/projects.

If you are new to submitting your work or are returning to the process, welcome! We love publishing emerging talent, especially underrepresented voices and those outside the literary community who use the book as their medium.

Please reach out with any questions to editor@oldironpress.com and sign up for our newsletter. You can find us on Instagram @oldironpress.

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