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Mar 28

Q&A with Sarah Layden

This month we have a special Q&A with the spectacular Sarah Layden. Her textbook, The Invisible Art of Literary Editing, co-authored with Bryan Furuness, came out this month from Bloomsbury Academic, and her short story collection, Imagine Your Life Like This, comes out in April from University of Wisconsin Press.
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Feb 22

Q&A with Newland Books

This month we have a special Q&A with Angela Dubinger and Sam Knepprath of Newland Books. Angela and Sam have created something special with Newland Books. There is such a level of consideration and care in their work. That thoughtfulness and attention to detail is present in everything from the titles they choose, to the images they post, and in how they deliver their books.
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Jan 30

Q&A with Amy Lashley

This month we have a special Q&A with singer/songwriter/author/artist, Amy Lashley. Amy has released three solo albums and published a children’s book, in which she illustrated her song, “Bedtime At Mackensie’s Farm.” She is currently focused on mixed media-painting–often small scale, light-hearted celebrations of working folks, farms, and their animals.
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Jan 10

Happy New Year!

I’m writing this missive while moving into OIP’s *almost completed* office. !!!!! It’s been a slow process that’s been a long time coming–which is kind of the theme of this post. Let’s be honest, it’s one of the themes for OIP. So, how do we enjoy the process more?
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Nov 27

Q&A with Lorraine Tosiello

Hello, Friends! I don’t know about you, but I’m planning a late game reboot. Rest, repair, and fun are the must haves on this holiday wish list. And, lots of reading. To get started, we have a lovely book to add to your holiday stack, and a Q&A with one of its authors, Lorraine Tosiello.
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Sep 16

Q&A with Alex

Hope this finds you well. HTFYW. The greeting of our current age. Sometimes, while typing it, certain words seem to shimmer. Or, maybe it’s just that I’m typing this after being flattened and still a bit woozy. “Sick as a dog,” a phrase used by my ancestors. Pity the dog?
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Jul 31

Q&A with Drake

In this edition of OIP news, we’re sipping cold drinks, crunching pellet ice, and resting between reality, folks. It’s Q&A time with our wonderful Production Designer, the immensely talented Drake Preston.
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May 30

To Manifestos & Good Mail

On May 1, we opened submissions for Playing Authors and officially launched Old Iron Press. Woot! We’ve been so excited to see submissions come in, and wanted to take a few minutes to answer some questions and share our brief manifesto. Come on, you knew OIP would have a manifesto!
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Mar 31

Welcome to Old Iron Press

We are a new female-led independent press based in Indianapolis, IN. At OIP, we champion irreverent underdogs, the handbuilt, and the hybrid. We love disobedient forms and books that risk something, are stylistically surprising, and embrace a philosophy of in-between.
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