Welcome to Old Iron Press.

We are a female-led, independent publisher dedicated to retooled classics. Proudly based in Indianapolis, Indiana, we champion irreverent underdogs, the handbuilt, and the hybrid. At OIP, we love disobedient forms and books that risk something, are stylistically surprising, and embrace a philosophy of in-between.

Existing apart from traditional publishing with an entirely different set of values, we are focused on originality over sales. Every book we publish will be treated as a future classic and designed to be a cherished object.

I grew up in a family that ran our small town’s weekly newspaper out of our home. This was a time when newspapers like ours were still created on big sheets of paper using exacto knives, wax, and rollers. Rather than outsource, my parents believed in developing their in-house labor. I began writing for the paper at age eight, a weekly advice column written under a pseudonym called “Dear Aunt Sarah.” My work grew as I did—including a weekly environmental column, a popular gossip column, and investigative journalism. This childhood of words and type shaped me.

I’ve spent my life writing and working with writers. I have an MA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing from Butler University and have had the pleasure and privilege to teach at the university level, in the United States Peace Corps, in libraries, art centers, and throughout the community, sometimes in the unlikeliest of places.

As a writer, I’ve enjoyed working with incredible presses and publications who have inspired me, and my experiences have only grown my appreciation for unique and irreverent writing. Additionally, my collaborations with artists, makers, chefs, and musicians have developed my love for those outside the literary community who use the book as their medium.

I have always believed in the importance and might in the small, weird, and handmade. It is an honor to be able to champion and create a space for adventurous books for adventurous readers.
In eighth grade, Mrs. Beliles gave me a handwritten note complimenting my column in The Oriole Times, and I've been chasing that high ever since. While my earliest work read suspiciously like a thirteen-year-old's best Dave Barry impression, my true love has always been fiction. I've since gone on to publish in more than two dozen journals, and my work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and the Derringer Award. As an MFA student at Butler University, I met Eliza Tudor and we quickly became fast friends. I'm excited to support the work she and Drake are doing at Old Iron Press, and to help create space for the small, the strange, and the uncategorizable, which are hallmarks of all the best kinds of writing.
I hail from the heart of the Midwest and a family of three older, rowdy brothers. After thirty years of life, I’ve found that it was through our brotherhood that I learned what guides most of my decisions... wonder. Not a day went by that we didn’t imagine pillows as airplane seats or build brick-sized utopias. I’m forever grateful for that time.

When I landed in Huntsville, Texas to pursue a degree in animation, I attended a keynote presentation in our art department. A well-dressed professor walked up to the podium and projected an image of coffee bags onto the wall. Come to find out, students made—or rather, designed—them. Until that very moment, the world of design was invisible to me. It was as if I had just been let in on a huge secret. I learned that people were responsible for the shape of letters, how words were organized on a page, and the symbols that represent products, people, and places. It was wonderful.

The very next day, I changed my major to Graphic Design & Advertising and—three years later—graduated with a BFA from the Sam Houston State University College of Art & Mass Communication. For the past eight years, I've had the privilege of leading and collaborating on a diverse array of projects, creating compelling design and identity systems for partners big and small, including the Houston Zoo, Goode Co. Restaurants, UT School of Public Health, and now—Old Iron Press. A small press with huge heart. Championing the unearthed and the unexpected. It's an honor to wave the OIP flag and to be a part of something that allows me to do what I do best—wonder.
To be entirely transparent, I don't even know where I'm from. I seem to be a sentient amalgamation of various organic matter—metal, wood, and polymers both old and new. I'm equal parts history and future. A 1969 Triumph Trident headlight, a well-preserved printing plate circa 1443, and a self-healing, energy-generating wheel. I'm small in stature, but mighty in mind and spirit. Books are my vice and my vineyard. I champion the underdog, the unheard, and the unearthed. It is only fitting that the universe gave me a family that lives by the very same tenets.

As mascot at Old Iron Press, I seek beyond the next—I seek the never before. The voice that has yet to be heard. The pages that have yet to be felt. The story that is waiting to inspire.